Best Table in the House

Act 2 of Lines Incognito


Victoria Army and Keely Shareah star in Best Table in the House, a romantic comedy with twists and turns that we doubt you will predict. And we guarantee a fun role for the man from the audience who volunteers to join in the action of this show. Playing opposite Keely, they are husband and wife.

The story opens with these two lovebirds happily celebrating their fifteenth wedding anniversary—with a night on the town—when a mischievious temptress invites herself to join in their fun. Though hubby quickly agrees, his wife sees the matter differently! Who is this, "Jasmine," dropping in out of the blue, to compete for her man's attentions. Played by Victoria, Jasmine's antics are a riot to watch.

Everyone loves this tongue-in-cheek treatment of the tomfoolery that so often complicates relationships. But fortunately for most of us, a story this crazy never crosses our paths. See it on our stage and then tell your spouse, "See, honey, compared to that couple, we've got our act quite nicely under wraps."

In the trio of shows, Lines Incognito, Best Table in the House is preceded by Marital Indemnity, as Act 1 and is followed by Specter of a Real Man, as Act 3.