Director/Playwright: Sasha d'Or

Brad Rondeau


Brad's performance resume reads like an encyclopedia listing of the cleverest and funniest plays of the 20th Century. If you've laughed at a great show, there's a good chance Brad's starred in it, at one time or another. The hot demand for Brad's talent comes as no surprise, either. Watch him take to Mixed Company Troupe's stage and you'll see why. Beyond the intensity of his characters and the quirkiness he can add to a role, Brad can sing up a storm, too.

Mixed Company Troupe is thrilled to add Brad's unique skill set to our pool of thespians. Catch a truly crazed version of him in The Stranger's Joystick. Brad's portrayal of the misguided Larry, a love-struck air traffic controller, will leave you in stitches! Also from Lines A la Mode, Brad plays the outraged husband, Max, in Ann Forsith's play, Brother Husbands.

Brad alternates with Michael Lee in the gender-bending show, My Beautiful Bride. You want to laugh out loud? This show is for you!

Because you can't get too much of this incredible player, Brad returns to play twin brothers in Lines Flambe'. We first catch him in Hidden Trunks (opposite Marie Jones), and then in Cyranina (opposite Rachael Wismont).

And ladies... ready to see this guy in a seduction scene? Check out Sasha's newest pieces, Saddling Her First Spy, and Poison on the Rocks.

The past fifteen years has seen Brad working with the Pinckney Players, both onstage and in the director's chair. With continuous casting in Comic Opera Guild productions, and appearances in Gilbert & Sullivan productions (UMGASS), Brad has been a busy man.


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