The Killer, The Butcher, and

the Wayward Corpse

Erin Osgood and Marie Jones

Marie and Erin both play opposite our volunteer in The Killer, The Butcher, and the Wayward Corpse (in case you're worried... that isn't the volunteer in the background).


This story about mobster sisters, "Channey" (played by the volunteer) and Izzie (Erin) is a "will-she-get-away-with-it" style of mystery. Indeed, the sisters appear to have devised the perfect crime, but is it good enough to outfox Inspector Maguire (Marie Jones), when she applies her full wits to their interrogation?


Few have ever guessed this comic thriller's final twist, leading to its dark and startling conclusion. See it for yourself and match wits with the chief inspector!

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