by Sasha d'Or

Rachael Wismont as Cyranina

Brad Rondeau as Rocky

Co-starring Marie Jones and Erin Osgood

What happens if you take a classic--say Cyrano de Bergerac--update it to the world of texting and match-making web sites, and then switch genders of all three principle roles?

Welcome to the fun of Cyanina, starring Rachael Wismont in the lead role. Brad Rondeau plays as Rocky (think Roxanne) in this show and gets lots of attention from both Cyranina, and her sister (played by our audience volunteer).

The closing act in Lines Flambe', this sexy play presents a rollick of a good time, with love and romance for all. But will Cyranina die in her secret lover's arms, as Cyrano does? Her love only really reciprocated after she's issued her final breath? Come and see for yourself! But we'll tell you one thing: as fans familiar with Sasha's works already know, there will be plot twists and turns that you don't see coming!

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