Erika Hoveland



Erika's film performances are hauntingly engaging. Her acclaim on the stage is equally the stuff of local legend. "Wickedly talented," is how co-star, Paul Lang, describes her work. Joining Mixed Company Troupe in March, 2012, we're hugely excited to bring Erika on board with our unique brand of theater.

Erika stars in all three acts of MCT's The Icewoman Calls. Her portrayal of icewoman, Aileen, is nothing short of a tour-de-force. In Dearly Defrosted (Act 1), watch as Aileen morphs from a bored housewife into a carefree murderer. This presto-chango conversion is must-see theater! Ready to have your breath stolen away? Catch Aileen's seduction of both friends and enemies, in Act 2's Saddling Her First Spy. Or see her use wits, alone, to escape from an evil genius, in act 3's Poison on the Rocks.

Erika's resume is too long to list... but from Shakespeare to Woody Allen, or Beckett to Agatha Christie, Erika has done it all. Charming most of North America, she has played both Canadian and U.S. stages.

Erika's training? Check it out: Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from University of Alberta; Studio 58 at Langara College, Vancouver; The C.E.N.T.R.E. at Gabriola Island, BC; Edmonton Acting for Camera-Dramaworks.

Special interests? Erika is into volleyball, reading, working out, cooking, triathlon, bungy-jumping, skydiving, stage fighting, fencing and singing. As you might guess, Erika doesn't spend much time standing still!


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