Director/Playwright: Sasha d'Or

Erin Osgood



Erin can take you anywhere. From Ibsen's existentially-entrapped feminist, Hedda Gabler, to Oscar Wilde's diabolically ambitious Mrs. Cheveley, Erin has the punch to light up characters with vivid authenticity. Ready with fetching charm when it's called for, but give her a hypodermic needle instead, and Erin's dark side comes to a boil on stage. What a blast of fun! Watch such a character dispatch her nemisis to the gates of Hell, in MCT's Pass Me a Weapon, Please.

Coming to Mixed Company Troupe after playing both sides of the Atlantic, Erin's stories of performing in Stratford-Upon-Avon, England are worth a good sit-down by the fire. Our troupe is thrilled to have her worldly experience on board our productions!

Erin plays the feisty waitress in Lines Á la Mode. Sasha describes this role as, "A one-woman chorus... the character who interprets and comments on the themes which lace all three acts together." So if the show leaves you laughing wholeheartedly, but you're wondering what it was all about... then see it again and pay close attention to Erin.

Also appearing as CK in Brother Husbands (alternating with Marie Jones), Erin is certain to grab your attention and to keep you spellbound throughout. Erin also opened in the lead role in our metaphysical mystery, Fresh Mown Love. What's this show about? To say more would be to say too much, but we can promise you'll be riveted to Erin's portrayal of the ethereal Alceste.

Erin stars in all three acts of our newest show, The Icewoman Calls. As "the icewoman", Erin steers the bounds of sanity while struggling to stay alive in this spy thriller. Act 1's, Dearly Defrosted sees Aileen flirting with murder and subterfuge. Act 2's Saddling her first Spy, sends the icewoman on a mission of seduction, and Act 3's, Poison on the Rocks, wraps up our saga, with the icewoamn infiltrating the evil Doctor Henneman's secret hideout.

In a stand-alone one-act play, The Killer, The Butcher and the Wayward Corpse, Ering costars with Marie Jones. A treatment of interrogation and gangland values... look for Erin as the spunky, Izzie, daughter of the mob kingpin.

Erin's exceptional training includes study with Purple Rose Theatre, the Motion Picture Institute, the Michigan Actors Studio, and Second City Detroit. Erin recently played "the female chorus" in Ann Arbor Civic Theater's production of, How I Learned to Drive.


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