Director/Playwright: Sasha d'Or

James Orr

Director of Market Development

There is a good chance that James will be the first person you'll touch base with when hearing about Mixed Company Troupe. He'll guide you on how hosting MCT can create excitement and profits at your venue. As our Market Development Director, James will help you assess how MCT can best benefit you. He can also schedule a one-on-one meeting with MCT's producer, Gwynne Jennings, to tailor your performance package(s).

James' background is in film-making, and what a story! James brings a lot of depth to MCT. Whether producing, directing, or writing, James has kept busy. Mixed Company Troupe is mighty pleased to have his talents added to our creative team. James' films have been represented at The Academy Awards, The Tonight Show, and the Cannes Film Festival. His track record includes producing and distributing feature films, television shows and theater. Educational programs he has promoted have connected with such talents as John Travolta, Shelly Winters, Drew Barrymore and Peter Masterson.

Author of A Guide To Putting Yourself in the Movies, James is also a syndicated newspaper columnist and public radio narrator. His articles, Words for Wildlife, have been circulated in newspapers throughout the country.

James worked as Tour Producer for Supper, which was presented at the historic Variety Arts Theater in Los Angeles. And on the international scene, James served as Marketing Director for the American Film Institute’s USA/China Feature Film Exchange Program at the Houston Fine Arts Museum.


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