The Stranger's Joystick



starring Brad Rondeau as Larry

With Erin Osgood as the Waitress

When do professionalism and womanizing conflict with one another? And how many men can contain themselves, even if they know this distinction... if they are obsessed with a pretty woman?

Brad Rondeau stars as Larry, who is just such a distracted professional. But Larry thinks he's found the perfect solution to reconciling the polar opposites of sex and the workplace. In his mind, anyhow, his plan for seduction is sure to fire on all four cylinders. Yeah right!

But what are we talking about in the play's title? What is this "Joystick"?. Are we talking about Larry's secret tool and, if so how does it fit into his scheme to win the woman of his dreams? Or are we talking euphemisms here? Or both?

Come see The Stranger's Joystick and see for yourself! Our volunteer stars opposite Brad in this wild romantic farce, complete with special effects.

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