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Keely Shareah




Keely Shareah is an actor you have to simply see, in order to appreciate the depth of her performances. Words fall short. In Best Table in the House, her debut with Mixed Company Troupe, Keely's portrayal of Kendra is fresh, spirited and comanding. This Kendra is a woman you don't want to cross. What else? Did we mention funny? With the comic timing of a natural born comedian, this gal has it all!

Prior to joing MCT, fans have followed Keely playing Sasha Simone, in Love Games, as Harlean in Jackie Wilson: Before Motown, and the Wicked Stepmother, in Fractured Fairy Tales, an OCC production.

Keely has played in several films, produced in the Detroit area, and hosted talk shows on either radio programs or at conferences.

Music Video? You bet! See Keely in K'Jon's On Everything, and M.E.D.'s Charlie Brown. Add promotional modelling, and you get the picture. Keely isn't just talented, her statuesque beauty is in demand. She has modelled for Volkswagen, GM and Mercedes... and many other firms.

Looking for Keely when she's not performing? Look for her at the yoga studio, the roller skating rink, the swimming pool or situated in a quiet and serene space, poised on her meditation cushion.