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Laura Mandernack





When Laura plays romantic comedy men take notice. Captivating and impish, or dangerous and deceptive... it makes no difference, the show flies forward with the audience glued to their seats. Laura becomes that character and we believe in the lady.

Laura stars in Specter of a Real Man and in act three of MCT's The Icewoman Calls, Poison on the Rocks.

Her portrayal of the diabolical scientist, Dr. Henneman, in the later, is as funny as it is spooky. Playing a native Caribbean Islander, Laura shapes this role for all its worth. Both stern mother to her followers, and the inventor of dastardly machines and potions... you have to see Dr. Henneman to really appreciate the fun Laura has with this part.

Playing opposite Michael Lee's miming, in Specter of a Real Man, this show is a roller coaster ride of romantic twists and turns, even as it seriously examines the true meaning of manhood... or what a woman wants in a man, to be more accurate.

Laura has played in numerous Pinckney Player productions, including the starring role in Move Over Mrs. Markham. Our director discovered her dynamic energy while catching this show and MCT is thrilled to add her talents to our mix. Laura's fans still talk about earlier shows, including: Birdgirl in Seussical the Musical, Evil Stepmother in Into the Woods, Mrs. Clackett in Noises Off, and the belligerent Sister Berthe in Sound of Music.

Special interests? Laura teaches Zumba, loves cosmos and karaoke (in that order), and in her spare time can be found volunteering in the cat room at the Humane Society.