Director/Playwright: Sasha d'Or

Michael Lee


A collage only begins to do justice to our star, Michael Lee . They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in Michael's case, make that ten thousand. Even before opening his mouth, his face speaks volumes.

Considering that Michael was one of the last to study under the legenday Marcel Marceau, this should come as no surprise. Recognized as one Marceau's most advanced students, Michael has gone on to found his own troupe,Opus Mime. We're thrilled that Michael has branched out into spoken theater to star in Mixed Company Troupe's one-act plays.

Working with volunteers comes natural to Michael. Engaging the audience is the only way he works. The difference here is that Michael shares the stage--100% of the time--with whichever volunteer wins our lottery to be cast in a given show.

Wired up and plopped down opposite Michael at his on-stage table, our volunteers have nothing to fear. With Michael's sure style moving the story forward--and with the director's voice steadily feeding Lines A la Carte--every guest performer rests in good hands. His or her twenty minutes of fame is a guaranteed great ride.

Michael stras in three MCT shows: My Beautiful Bride, The Winner, and Dinner of the Living Dead.


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