Lines À la Carte Lines to Die For,  Lines À la Mode 

The Icewoman Calls (Lines to take to your Grave)

and Lines Flambé

These five shows all deliver lines and acting cues—on-the-spot—for volunteer performers. Acting within a 'blind position', each volunteer is in for some big surprises.

When a scene veers off in a totally new direction, awkward complications develop. The laughter escalates.















Volunteer, Mela Belle, opposite MCT's Michael Lee

Audience members will tell you that the most fun stems from watching folks they know up on center stage. These eager hams get to Act with the Stars.

Guided by the director, they charge full steam ahead. And sure enough—after rounding perhaps one more unexpected bend in the road—they arrive in one piece at the story's dramatic conclusion.

Our shows all use three volunteers; one for each one-act play presented.

Often the plays are linked into a single story, but other one-acts represent stand-alone stories.

Either way, a blast of pure entertainment is guaranteed!

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