Director/Playwright: Sasha d'Or

Paul C. Lang



Paul's performances are bold, fresh and naturalistic. Looking for a mean son-of-a-gun? Paul. A love-struck secret agent? Paul's ready on the spot. A hen-pecked hubby? Watch Paul wilt to the lady's harsh remark. Whatever he takes on, Paul makes that role his own.

Much has been said about an audience's "suspension of disbelief". Well not much gets suspended when watching Paul on stage. His characters are so alive, you expect him to step off the stage and go fishing with you.

Mixed Company Troupe is thrilled to add Paul's unique skill set to our pool of thespians. Watch as Paul gets seduced, in Saddling Her First Spy, or see him pummelled by an evil genius, in Poison on the Rocks. Or are you in the mood for charm? See Paul as a tongue-tied insurance agent as he crumbles to the charms of the lovely Keisha, in our romantic comedy, Marital Indemnity.

The past several seasons has seen Paul working with the Village Players, in performances that include, Barefoot in the Park, Picasso at the Lapin Agile and A Night and Her Stars.

With continuous casting in multiple films, both lead and supporting roles, Paul has been a very busy man.

What else would you like to know? How about Paul's bartending skills, his athletic prowess, his mastery of Shakespeare, or his weapons expertise? Add a dozen dialects at his disposal, and you'll begin to see what an exceptional fellow Mixed Company Troupe has in Paul C. Lang.


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