by Sasha d'Or



sp99Erika Hoveland reworret Erin Osgood

as The Icewoman


h31 rebhpost Laura Mandernack edvor Rachael Wismont

as Dr. Henneman



Paul Lang dror Brad Rondeau

as the subversive, Josh Connelly



Marie Jones

as CIA Agent Stanton

Poison on the Rocks, Act 3 of The Icewoman Calls, takes Aileen into the lair of a subversive encampment. Though in control of the people around her, in acts 1 and 2, here Aileen meets her match with evil genius, Doctor Henneman. Will the Icewoman survive the encounter?


And if so, will it be by her wits, or simply as a calculation of her nemesis, the doctor? Will Aileen's powers of seduction have any play, when dealing with subversives who are driven in their mission to defeat the CIA?


And will the all-business, cutthroat CIA agent, Stanton, lift a finger when Aileen falls deep into hot water? Or is Aileen merely a pawn on this power monger's chessboard?


Perhaps Aileen's strategem, that places a newspaper reporter undercover within the doctor's hideout, will prove her ace in the hole? Or will this poor innocent (played by the volunteer) be the first to die?


Intrigued? Come and see the dramatic conclusion to The Icewoman Calls!

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