MCT Press Clippings/Interviews

12/14/2010 Review



"Kept the audience roaring with laughter."

An interview with MCT director, Sasha d'Or



"This isn't your ordinary dinner theater"

8/10/2010 Article


"...the brainchild of mystery writer and movie director Sasha d’Or, MCT employs technology custom-designed by the troupe’s sound engineer, Ben Solomon.

- 8/24/2010 Article


"...this troupe does something that hasn't ever been done before."



- 5/13/2011 Article

"...a show that thrives on audience participation."


"This isn't improv. Shows are scripted from begining to end"

WCBN's show, "Arborama," features a 45 minute interview with several Mixed Company Troupe members.

You can download the file from this YouSendIt site.

(Note: This file is fairly large and takes about two minutes to download with a high-speed internet connection.)




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