Act 3 of Lines Incognito


Laura Mandernack and Michael Lee star in Specter of a Real Man, a romantic comedy with a fresh twist for our troupe. We take you inside the volunteer performer's mind and paint a picture of it on stage, in the form of a "Specter"... emotions personified by internationally acclaimed mime, Michael Lee.

Brad Rondeau also joins in the fun of this show... an experience that is half a feminist send-up of Arnold Schwartzenager's complaint against "girly men", and half pure slapstick.

Will Blake, played by the volunteer, survive his fiancée's challenge of his masculinity? Or will Blake manage to "educate" Layla as to the benefits of sensitive men? With Laura playing the feisty "Layla", it's sure to be an uphill battle for him, to say the least.

Michael is the founder of Opus Mime and Austin Mime Theater, and a talent you'll have to see to appreciate. This is one highly choreographed comedy that you won't want to miss.

In our trio of shows, Lines Incognito, Specter of a Real Man, is preceded by Marital Indemnity, as Act 1 and is Best Table in the House, as Act 2.