by Sasha d'Or



Erika Hoveland or Erin Osgood

as the seductive Icewoman


oknpp Paul Lang

as the easily-seduced Josh Connelly


oiu s2 Marie Jones

as CIA Lead Agent Stanton

Saddling Her First Spy, Act 2 of The Icewoman Calls, opens on Aileen, as she toys with two very real CIA agents.


But Lead Agent Stanton has no room for fun and games. An all-business woman, she makes a proposition for our rambunctious heroine.


Does the Icewoman think twice? No way. Spy-work, what fun! Much as Jenkins (played by the volunteer) doesn't like it, his boss, Stanton, has a ready use for this eager, attractive woman. And it's a dangerous one.


What, seduce a man from the FreshState Underground? And then unearth his most closely-guarded secrets? Sure, why not? Is Josh Connelly cute, by the way?


Does it actually go this easy? Does the Icewoman really have a heart so cold, that she can shrug off her feelings while reeling in a real spy? Or for that matter, does she actually use a saddle??? ...or is this just a metaphor?


Are you teased enough, yet? Then come and see the sexy developments in store for Aileen in Act 2 of The Icewoman Calls!

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