Audience Members and Volunteer Performers

Talk about MCT Performances


  • " It was surprisingly easy to hear the director and then say my lines. Always wanted to try acting. What a blast . ” –Lea Turner, Project Administrator


  • “A fun experience, not knowing what is going to happen.  Very easy to follow.  Blew my socks off!” –Robert Wagoner, Events Planner, Deadwood Mountain Grand Casino


  • The Chicago show was fantastic! Heard lots of people in the audience raving about the writing and the acting in between acts! –Elizabeth Heiter, President, Romance Writers of America, Midwest

    (MCT's performance at Mystery Writers of America/Love is Murder Conference)


  • “The technology is great. I want an ear bud so I can control what comes out of my husband's mouth." –overheard from a Portage Yacht Club guest


  • "It was so much fun!!! Reminded me of when I acted years ago in High School. It brought back great memories!" –Cori Cann, volunteer at MCT's Chemung Hills Golf & Banquet Center show


  • “The writing is brilliant! As funny as theater gets. " –Edith Nickel, Portage Yacht Club member


  • “I had a great time, I'm sure these shows will create geat times wherever they travel. " –Mike Peraino, retired professor, Teaching College, EMU