Hidden Trunks

by Sasha d'Or

Brad Rondeau as Lord Harkins and

Marie Jones as Ms. Lavenlamp

Also featuring: Erin Osgood as the feisty waitress

Hidden trunks... humm. Swimming trunks? Giant-sized, strap-bound suitcases? Boxer shorts? Or all of the above? Just what kind of trunks are we talking about here? For that matter, can an elephant hide its trunk?

And why hide these trunks in the first place? And what is it about them that upsets Ms. Lavenlamp so much, when she chances upon them?

Brad Rondeau stars as the man with the trunks to hide and Marie Jones plays opposite, as the businesswoman who ends up buying more than she bargained for.

Special Note: In this show we switch gears and give our audience volunteer the role of the distinguished Maitre d'. Just watch the fun as he or she tries to maintain order with Lord Harkins on the loose.

What's this story actually about? Let's just say it begins with an iceberg salesman and it ends with a meltdown. Be sure to attend this screwball comedy to witness its unexpected and rather zany conclusion!

The opening act in Lines Flambe', this play is for mature audiences only.

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