"The performers kept the audience roaring with laughter. A show one must experience to truly appreciate."

---The Sun Times News

"Being in a MCT presentation was one of the coolest things I've done. Not only did I have a lot of fun but the audience had a great time also as I listened to dialogue through an earbud and tried to figure out who my character was.

Meanwhile expert and beguiling actress Rachael Wismont gave a scintillating performance opposite me and kept me pleasantly guessing. Great and memorable fun was had by all."

---New York Times bestseller, David Morrell, creator of "Rambo"


MCT's Rachael Wismont plays deceased wife, Mel, returned to possess Andy's current wife, Jamie. Volunteer performer, David Morrell, plays Andy, the husband who must face the quandary of defending Jamie's rights, versus taking advantage of Mel's eager appetite for his body.


js4MCT's Brad Rondeau opposite audience volunteer, Amy Nelepka

An audience volunteer is wired up and takes a seat on stage. The set is simple; a dinner table set atop risers and lit by stage lights.

Enter the professional actor. He knows his lines, but the volunteer knows nothing of the script. The director, hidden away in a sound-proof booth, reads the first line of the play. In an earbud, the volunteer hears it. She repeats the line; she repeats the director's inflection.

The play has begun.

“A fun experience, not knowing what is going to happen.  Very easy to follow.  Blew my socks off!”

–Robert Wagoner, Events Planner, Deadwood Mountain Grand Casino